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Oftentimes, things like counseling, are overlooked amongst the other tasks that are placed on leaders. That is why I want to share these free resources with you:

1. Master Counseling Templates 60+ event-oriented topics

2. Department of the Army Letterhead Memorandum for Record Wizard

3. MFR for missing counseling

In some circumstances, missed counseling forms can hurt someone that is going to the promotion board or being interviewed for a special position.

As an NCO with over 13 years of experience, I want to help you by offering these tools for free to make your life easier as an NCO, or, to help the junior enlisted service member to be set up for success.

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I ask you to sign up to receive these so you also have access to all of the other resources available on the Soldier's Spot Website. I have spent numerous hours writing articles about my experience and research on topics from counseling, promotion, award writing, PCS, and more. 

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