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The Army Training Network (ATN) is a secure, web-based portal that provides access to training and education resources. It is the Army’s primary delivery platform for training and training management: doctrine, tools, products, and services.

The Center for Army Lessons Learned leads the Army Lessons Learned Program and delivers timely and relevant information to resolve gaps, enhance readiness, and inform modernization. CALL's Vision The Center for Army Lessons Learned is forward thinking, aligning resources to deliver timely and relevant information, fostering readiness of the fielded force and informing the future force.

The Central Army Registry is the single access point to Army training resources, such as Field Manuals, Training Support Packages, Individual and Collective Tasks, Drills and Courseware. The CAR can be accessed on a desktop computer, or on a personal mobile device.

Click Here to access the METL viewer provided by Army Training Network. From there, you can search by TO&E, Name, Proponent and Echelon, and view/print HQDA Standardized METL. Click Here to access standard METL for units with no separate SRC/TOE.

FMSWeb Documents Include: (TDA / TOE / MTOE / CTA / JTA). This is a great place to see what your unit and section is authorized for personnel and equipment. Ever wondered who was actually assigned the pistols in the Battalion... it's probably not who you thought.

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