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A&L NET milBook Message Summary - 26 May 23

A&L NET words displayed over the foggy interior of a military vehicle with two soldiers in combat uniform providing patient care and a radio mic in a hand
Aid And Litter NET on milSuite

1. A&L NET Army milBook

a. 68W Limited Objective Experiment (LOE) – 22-24 Aug 23. ROC Drill Facility, JBSA, Fort Sam Houston. It is time to start thinking about attendance at the upcoming 68W LOE. Last year’s event was called a Summit and was extremely well attended. It created a good foundation to build upon for the Combat Medic of 2030. This message simply serves as a “save the date” and to ask you to think about who might attend.

b. MEDICAL READINESS POCS BRIEF. This brief includes POCs for MRC East, MRC West, MRC Pacific, MRC Europe, TRADOC HRCoE, Reserve Component, National Guard, and First Army.

c. MEDCOE VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS - 25 MAY 2023. There are eight vacancy announcement open on USA Jobs. Vacancy announcements end as early as 29 May. One last reminder: all applications must be in NLT 1159 EDT on the Announcement Closing Date.

d. AWARD BULLETS BY TYPE 150+ BULLETS, HOW-TO, & TRACKER V1.0. Any time new bullets are received or feedback from users, updates will be added to this workbook and publish it with a version update.

e. NCOER BULLETS BY TOPIC 1000+ BULLETS V1.0. Any time new bullets are received or feedback from users, updates will be added to this workbook and publish it with a version update.

f. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A DENTIST WHO CAN SPEAK ABOUT THE NEED FOR BETTER DENTAL MODELING & SIMULATION TOOLS. US Army DEVCOM-Soldier Center Simulation & Training Technology Center, in Orlando, is hosting an IGNITE! style event at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, & Education Conference in Orlando, November 27 – December 1. Presenters will speak for five minutes on areas of medical modeling and simulation. We are looking for presenters from communities not always heard from. In particular, we would like a dentist who can speak about the need for better dental modeling & simulation tools to train our military dentists.

g. JOMIS OPMED CDP DEMO FLYER MAY 2023. Great opportunity for a demonstration and discussion about building the health care delivery solution of the future by JOMIS. OpMed CDP Monthly Function Demonstration.

h. JOINT MMAST NEWSLETTER VOLUME 5 ISSUE 02, MAY 2023. This newsletter is for sharing information about DoD Medical Modeling & Simulation (MM&S) entities, initiatives, research, products/services, events, articles, best practices, lessons learned and so much more. If you have suggestions for newsletter topics or want to feature the awesome MM&S happening at your location, please send us an email.

2. Medical MILPERs, ALARACTS, Directives, Orders & Announcements

a. MILPER NUMBER: 23-200 FY 2023 UNITED STATES ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT (AMEDD) WARRANT OFFICER SELECTION BOARD RESULTS ISSUED:[25-MAY-2023]. This MILPER message will expire 25 May 2024. AMEDD Warrant Officer Selection Board results for 640A (Veterinary Corps Food Safety Officer) and 670A (Health Services Maintenance Technician). The below named individuals were selected to attend the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS). Applicants should expect to receive a notification via email with their WOCS class date from Human Resources Command (HRC).

b. AMENDMENT TO MILPER MESSAGE 23-123, 3 APRIL 2023, FY25 LTC AMEDD CSL ISSUED:[19-MAY-2023]. This message will expire no later than (NLT) 19 May 2024. Paragraph 3 is updated to add subparagraph a: Assignment interactive module 2.0 (AIM 2) preference portal is extended until 30 May 2023 at 0730 EDT.

c. 2ND AMENDMENT TO MILPER MESSAGE 23-122, 3 APRIL 2023, FY25 COL AMEDD CENTRALIZED SELECTION LIST (CSL) COMMAND/KEY BILLET BOARD. This message will expire no later than (NLT) 18 May 2024. Paragraph 3 is updated to add subparagraph a: Assignment interactive module 2.0 (AIM 2) preference portal is extended until 30 May 2023 at 0730 EDT.

d. MILPER MESSAGE 23-180, FY23 MG AMEDD PSB , ZONES OF CONSIDERATION, ISSUED: [5/17/2023 3:25:01 PM]. A Selection Board is scheduled to convene on or about 15 Sep 23 to consider eligible officers for promotion to major general in the AMEDD Competitive Category.

e. MILPER MESSAGE 23-172, FISCAL YEAR (FY) 2023 REGULAR ARMY (RA) MEDICAL SERVICE (MS) CORPS MEDICAL FUNCTIONAL AREA (MFA) 70 (HEALTH SERVICES) AND 67J (AEROMEDICAL EVACUATION OFFICER) AREA OF CONCENTRATION (AOC) DESIGNATION PANEL, ISSUED: [5/12/2023 9:25:57 AM]. This message announces zones of eligibility, methodology, and administrative instructions for the fiscal year (FY) 2023 regular Army (RA) Medical Service (MS) Corps medical functional area (MFA) 70 (Health Services) area of concentration (AOC) designation panel. The panel will convene on or about 9 June 2023 and will recess on or about 30 June 2023.

3. Medical Positions WIAS, ARNG, USAR, AIM, SFAB, and Project Warrior

a. 23B-034 PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT 5TH CST (WMD). Illinois Army National Guard Open AGR Vacancy Announcement 23B-034. Physician Assistant, Para 005 Line 01, O4, 65D. Open nationwide to all service members within the grades of O1 and O4 who are able to become a member of the Illinois Army National Guard.

b. NGB FORM 34-1, APPLICATION FOR ACTIVE GUARD RESERVE (AGR) POSITION (NOV 2013). To provide information for use in determining eligibility/qualifications for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) positions. A copy will be provided to the applicant. The original will be maintained by the human resources office for state records. For organizational use only.

c. FT. DRUM, NY SOLDIER RECOVERY UNIT (SRU), T10 CO-ADOS, O3/66H, NURSE CASE MANAGER, 365 DAY TOUR. Mission Description: This position is in support of SECDEF Operations OSS, OIR, OEF-HOA. Nurse Case Manager (NCM) is a registered nurse responsible for coordinating the healthcare needs of patients in the Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU).


4. MEDCoE Lessons Learned and Project Warrior

a. UKRAINE LESSONS LEARNED LDP BY DR. HAMPTON. Dr. Hampton provides a Leader Professional Development (LPD) to the MEDCoE. She served on the front lines in Ukraine for four months and is now an Emergency Medicine physician at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC). She provided some very good insights on evacuation, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), and prolonged care.

b. PUTTING MEDICAL BOOTS ON THE GROUND: LESSONS FROM THE WAR IN UKRAINE AND APPLICATIONS FOR FUTURE CONFLICT WITH NEAR PEER ADVERSARIES. This report outlines the findings of the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group, who are actively engaged in Ukraine, collaborating with Ukrainian military and medical personnel. The insights provided are particularly pertinent to injury patterns and mechanisms of injury in peer/near-peer conflict situations and the healthcare teams involved. The report offers critical information that may substantially impact our understanding and readiness for future medical care in near-peer adversary contexts.

5. Combat Medic Sustainment and MSTCs

a. FINDING COURSES, POCS, AND SITE CODE APPLICATION. This document provides direction on finding upcoming registered courses (MEDIC Tables, CMT, DECM, and TC3 Sustainment), Accredited Site Contact Information, and site code application for conducting training in your AO.

b. PFC.ORG PODCAST 132: COMBAT ANESTHESIA WITH KEVIN WORTH. Dennis and Kevin Worth talk about combat anesthesia. The podcast discusses the four pillars of anesthesia, which are amnesia, analgesia, akinesia, and autonomic stability. The focus is on the importance of autonomic stability in combat situations.

c. ITCLAMP, PREHOSPITAL BLOOD TRANSFUSION, TRIAGE ALGORITHMS FROM THE JOURNAL OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS MEDICINE PODCAST SPRING 2023. Our guest medic editor this quarter, SSG Blake Wright, He will review The Effect of Prehospital Blood Transfusion on Patient Body Temperature from the Time of Emergency Medical Services Transfusion to Arrival at the Emergency Department. Our author interview will be with Sean M. Stuart, DO, FACEP, FAAEM, FAWM Commander, Medical Corps, US Navy (Naval War College), He pioneered the development of a combat training curriculum, created a training tactical simulation laboratory, and served as the Director of Operational Training.

d. MENTAL AND VISUAL SKILLS TRAINING, WATER TAMPED AND UNTAMPED BREACHES, AIRWAY AND HYPOTHERMIA PREVENTION FROM THE JOURNAL OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS MEDICINE PODCAST WINTER 2022. Our guest medic editor this quarter is Devin DeFeo, a former SOF medic, he will be reviewing Does Mental and Visual Skills Training Improve High-Value Target Identification and Marksmanship Among Elite Soldiers. Our author interview is with Michael J. Egnoto, PhD (An Exploratory Comparison of Water-Tamped and -Untamped Explosive Breaches: Practical Applications for the Tactical Community via Pilot Study).

e. WOMEN IS US MILITARY HISTORY, ACTIVE WARFIGHTER RESILIENCE, AND OPERATION BLOOD RAIN FROM THE JOURNAL OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS MEDICINE PODCAST FALL 2022. This podcast is focused on research and contributions made by women in service to the military. We start with a review of "Women in US Military History" by Gretchen Garceau-Kragh. Guest medic HM1(FMF/EXW) Eric Dodson reviews "Active Warfighter Resilience: A Descriptive Analysis" by Nikki Barczak-Scarborov, et. al. Finally, we give an objective review of "Operation Blood Rain Phase 2: Evaluating the Effect of Airdrop on Fresh and Stored Whole Blood." The review is complemented by an interview with lead author Dr. (LtCol.) Roselyn Fuentes.

f. ANALGESIA AND SEDATION, MECHANICAL VENTILATION, AIRWAY MANAGEMENT FROM THE JOURNAL OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS MEDICINE PODCAST SUMMER 2022. The Summer podcast features articles written primarily by medics and non-physicians. The first article is, "Analgesia and Sedation in the Prehospital Setting: A Critical Care Viewpoint" by Taylor DeRosiersm et. al. "Mechanical Ventilation: A Review for Special Operations Medical Personnel" by Jonathan Friedman and Seth Assar follows. We finish up with, "Airway Management With Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation" by Papalski, Siedler, and Callaway.

g. DIRECTORATE OF SIMULATION (DOS) PROJECTS AND UPDATES. DoS is currently working on the following projects: CMSD Accredited Training Site Policies and Procedures, MEDIC Tables I - VII Training Support Package (TSP) (DoS provides updates and input to the TSP. The Directorate of Training and Doctrine (DOTD) is the approving and publishing authority). MODS site update. Repository for force produced didactic training material and supporting documents. Repository for casualty scenarios. Next Generation MSTC. Female manikin. CMSD group pages, user interface options, and resources updated - 25 May 23.

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