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Elevate Your Expertise: Exploring the Directorate of Simulation's Training Patient Scenarios

Army medics in a canine training patient scenario

Attention medics and providers! An exciting development awaits in the realm of medical training—introducing the newly uploaded Training Patient Scenarios available on the Directorate of Simulation (DoS) milSuite page. This invaluable resource is a game-changer for medical professionals across ranks, offering a diverse range of scenarios to enhance skills and elevate proficiency.

1. A New Frontier in Medical Training:

The Directorate of Simulation has opened a new frontier in medical training with its Training Patient Scenarios. Designed for medics and providers within FORSCOM and MEDCOM, these scenarios promise to be a transformative resource for professionals at all levels.

2. An Array of Realistic Experiences:

Derived from a variety of prestigious events and programs, including the Strategic Readiness Trauma Center (STaRC), Best Medic Competitions, 68W AIT, Joint Emergency Medicine Exercise Prolonged Care Lanes, Prolonged Care Augmentation Detachment Testing, and Paramedic Training, these scenarios cover a broad spectrum of medical situations. From battlefield trauma to prolonged care, they simulate the challenges faced by medical professionals in diverse contexts.

3. Your Gateway to Proficiency:

The scenarios are not just a passive resource; they are a gateway to proficiency. Medics and providers are encouraged to download, adapt, and utilize these scenarios based on their specific training needs. The flexibility provided ensures that the scenarios align with the unique requirements of different medical units.

4. Collaborative Learning and Improvement:

What sets these scenarios apart is the emphasis on collaboration. The DoS encourages professionals to contribute by returning any scenarios they've updated or modified. This collaborative approach aims to create a dynamic and ever-evolving database, where the collective expertise of the medical community contributes to the enhancement of training scenarios.

5. A Visit to the DoS milSuite Page:

Navigating this treasure trove of scenarios is a simple click away. The DoS milSuite page hosts the Training Patient Scenarios Database, accessible here. Explore, download, and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

6. Embracing Excellence:

This initiative is a testament to the dedication of the medical community to excellence. By providing free access to these scenarios, the DoS fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Every medic and provider is invited to be a part of this journey to raise the bar for medical excellence collectively.


In the dynamic and challenging field of military medicine, the importance of realistic and practical training cannot be overstated. The Directorate of Simulation's Training Patient Scenarios stand as a beacon for medics and providers, offering not just scenarios but a pathway to mastery. As you explore and engage with these scenarios, remember that your contribution adds to the collective expertise, creating a reservoir of knowledge that benefits the entire medical community. Let's together embrace excellence and redefine the standards of medic and provider training.

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