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How to change home of record in the Army

It's that time to settle down and select your final destination for shipping your household goods and travel route but first you need to change your home of record in the system because you don't want to go back to the miserable town you grew up in.

So what's the process? During your out-processing and transition, this will be a topic covered but just in case it isn't here are the basics according to the Stuttgart Law Center:


The ability to change your home of record is very limited. In most cases individuals will not be allowed to change their home of record. An individual’s home of record is a place recorded as the home of the soldier when commissioned, appointed, enlisted, inducted or ordered on active duty.

The place recorded as the home of the individual when reinstated, reappointed, or reenlisted remains the same as the recorded when commissioned, appointed, enlisted or inducted or ordered into the relevant tour of active duty unless there is a break in service of more than one full day.

Only if a break in service exceeds one full day, can the home of record be changed by a member.

If the home of record was originally recorded incorrectly, a change can be authorized. The individual must provide supporting documentation to justify the change.

In every case the burden is on the individual to justify a change to the home of record to file.

To request a change of Home of Record:

Individuals requesting a home of record change must submit a written request with their full name, SSN and the place they want their home of record changed. The request should include any documentation (which is not already on file in the OMPF) to support their request. IAW AR 600-8-104, table 5-2, item 25 and AR 601-280, Para 11-10(2) and table 11-1, item 3.

Home of Record or State of Legal Residen
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Well, the time is up and it's your new beginning. Thank you for your service.

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