How to update DD93 and SGLI

Updated: Jan 6

It's that time of year again. Time to update your DD93 and SGLI. Good news, you can update your SGLI on your own by visiting milConnect (instructions below).

As for DD93, you need to visit your S1 to have it updated. There is not a current method of updating the DD93 on your own. When you go to S1, you might as well take in all the documents you need scanned into iPerms while you're at it.

In order to update your SGLI, you will need to have a CAC enabled computer and reader. If this is your first time using a CAC on your home computer you will need to follow the instructions here to install the proper certificates so you can login to military websites. If you have already done this, follow these steps:

Follow these 4 easy steps to update your Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI).

1. Visit the milConnect site

2. Login using your authentication certificate if you haven't already

3. Scroll down to I want to.... and select Manage my SGLI

It may take a minute to load the next page, be patient.

4. Once the page has loaded, select Continue then follow the prompts to update your SGLI preferences. Be to update beneficiaries, especially if you are separated, widowed, or getting a divorce.

You will get a certificate at the end that you can take to your leaders or S1 if they request proof of completion. Hopefully you won't need it, but we all know those special units.

Until next time!

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