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17,900 Gyms and 9,300 Digital Fitness Classes for $28 Through USAA

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If you are looking for a good gym or online fitness classes to augment your existing PT routine or replace it altogether, check out this membership deal.

USAA participates in a program called Active & Fit, which gives you nationwide access to over 17,900 gyms and 9,300 digital fitness classes. Including some big-name ones like Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, Golds Gym, Anytime Fitness, etc. Each area has different participating gyms. This deal blows the locals gyms pricing out of the water.

You are not limited to one gym; you can go to any gym you want that participates in their program. There is a way to nominate other gyms in your area as well! Go to the website to see what gyms are included in your area. I have read about people having quick passes/key fobs to several gyms on a key chain at one time.

Quick tip: sign up on the 1st of the month, they will charge you for the calendar month NO MATTER when you sign up. For example, sign up on the 22nd and you pay full price for the remainder of the month and full price again on the first.

There is a 1-time activation fee, and you pay first and last month, but then it is month to month after that. No commitment outside the initial fees.

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