NCOER bullets for Achieves

Met Standard

o ensured 100% accountability of tools and equipment in excess of $4.3 million dollars

o maintained strict accountability of more than $30,000 in donated humanitarian relief medical supplies for the Kosovo area

o coordinated the movement of 184,000 pounds of equipment worth over $2.5 million maintaining 100% accountability

o maintained 100% accuracy of 7 Major Subordinate Command ammunition accounts valued at over $28 million

o processed over 50 pay packets for a Balkans service contract worth $2M; payments were made 100% on time

o maintained 100% accountability of over $1 million worth of office property despite constant flow of replacements and upgrades

o coordinated and tracked the movement of 37 Division connexes from Bosnia to Germany without loss or incident

o redeployed $2,000,000 worth of equipment from Operation Joint Endeavor without loss or damage

o drove 2,000 accident-free miles during three major division level exercises

o maintained a 95% readiness rate on the multi-spectral image processor; the highest rate in V Corps

o earned the coveted Expert Field Medical Badge

o platoon captured number one and two of the brigade’s high value targets during recent deployment

o prioritized safety in all operations, including x small arms ranges and x field exercises; led to the company earning the Army Safety Streamer and no AGARs

o earned Drill Sergeant of the Cycle honors four times during rated period

o cultivated a mindset to get better every day; encouraged subordinates to introduce ideas for improving the operating efficiency of the organization

o provided the necessary top cover to eliminate distractions in his unit; allowed subordinates the time and opportunity to excel

o deployed/redeployed S3 section with zero accidents/incidents and no loss of equipment

o recognized for his exemplary performance by the Commander, Operations Group in the final AAR during NTC Rotation xx-xx

o his attention to detail improved over xx% of the annual brigade CIP areas; 100% of the previous "needs improvement" areas were fixed

o emphasis on Soldier development resulted in x distinguished honor graduate(s), x Soldiers recognized on the Commandant's List, and the Brigade NCO of the Year

Did Not Meet Standard

o failed to supervise subordinates; relieved for inefficiency and replaced by junior NCO; marred unit’s ability to enforce standards and execute assigned tasks

o failed to maintain sensitive item accountability; lost equipment resulted in a unit lockdown in excess of xx hours

o failed to supervise subordinates and follow proper maintenance procedures; resulted in the loss of $xK worth of repair equipment

o failed to supervise and manage accountability of $xM worth of MTOE equipment, resulted in losses exceeding of $xxK

o failed to conduct pre-combat inspections before missions during unit FTX, directly resulted in mission failure

o did not account for contingencies/managing priorities of work during preparation for operations resulting in squad failing PCIs and missing departure time

o demonstrated little regard for the security and accountability of sensitive items during the battalion CULMEX; resulted in the loss of x masks and x night vision goggles

o required maximum supervision to produce marginal results

o failed to supervise subordinates; relieved for ineffectiveness and replaced by junior NCO

o routinely failed to meet suspenses directed by his higher headquarters; failed to execute tasks and assignments on time; submitted x of x NCOERs late

o failed to maintain standards; section rating decreased from excellent to satisfactory

o cannot maintain team cohesion during training events; results in platoon demoralization

o reported to work under the influence of alcohol and could not execute his duties

o unable to adapt to change; violated EO principles by unfairly targeting female NCOs for their performance

o failed to maintain proper accountability upon return from FTX; lost equipment/sensitive items valued in excess of $xxK

o created an environment of conflict; made numerous negative comments about the commander to subordinate leaders

o failure to adequately forecast training requirements led to shortages of ammunition and pyrotechnics during squadron training events

o issued insufficient guidance and provided limited supervision to new Bradley crews during deployment preparation resulting in numerous safety violations

o demonstrated a lack of leadership skill; lacks the confidence, managerial skills, and ability to make immediate decisions without supervisor's guidance

o failed to supervise subordinates and follow proper maintenance procedures resulting in the loss of $xK worth of equipment

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