NCOER bullets for Develops

Met Standard

o shared her technical and tactical knowledge; a great instructor to the Soldiers

o set new standards; initiated several changes to current Watch procedures that were incorporated into operational SOPs

o conducted specialized training for company on intelligence related surveillance equipment

o directly responsible for improving weapons qualification across the division

o continuously trained newly arrived Soldiers and civilians on daily G2 Watch LNO procedures

o wrote and updated the Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) to reflect the current mission of the G2 Watch LNO

o assisted in the training and development of four new communications Soldiers, ensuring they were fully trained to perform the mission

o trained two junior analysts to modify and post the USAREUR Black Book to the SIPRNET and SCI websites

o trained superiors and peers on G2 Watch LNO procedures

o demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skills to handle complex tasks during time of high OPTEMPO

o mentored x squad members for induction into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

o developed NCOs and Soldiers by counseling, teaching, and mentoring them to attend the Soldier/NCO of the Month Board, x Soldiers and x NCO(s) won the board

o completed _____ degree graduating magna cum laude with x.x GPA; encouraged others to seek additional military and civilian education

o emphasis on development and management of personnel resulted in x Soldiers attending MOS enhancing training and x personnel attending NCOES

o dedicated to self-development; gains new knowledge and applies it to improve the unit

o created and coordinated training support packages to enable ARNG units to receive required pre-deployment training for their first operational deployment

o maximized resources to enable crews to receive optimal training through which the battery received superior ratings during the IFPC Validation LFX

o incorporated lessons learned from past and current events to ensure relevant training; passed knowledge to his NCOs through a well-structured NCODP

o supervised the planning and coordination for the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge for the company where xx Soldiers earned the badge

o incorporated real life scenarios while creating a rigorous learning environment

Did Not Meet Standard

o continually fails to attend required NCOES schooling; questionable reasons for non-attendance are ill-timed in notification

o failed to begin or complete any military or civilian education; reluctant to accept responsibility for development and improving organizational effectiveness

o fails to coach or mentor Soldiers to participate in any Soldier of the Month or promotion boards

o rated NCO did not foster an environment of fair treatment or awareness of others which allowed turmoil and low morale to breed among the junior enlisted

o failed to effectively develop subordinates by not allowing Soldiers to learn from their mistakes

o did not accurately track mandatory training resulting in expired weapons qualification and APFT results for Soldiers in his team/crew

o inappropriate conduct adversely affected morale and discipline among peers and subordinates

o demonstrated a lack of knowledge in most assigned duties, does not follow instructions resulting in mission failure, and is a threat to the safety of the company

o mismanaged time and effort during maintenance days; failed battalion-level inspections on multiple checklist items; single-handedly lowered OR rate by xx%

o displayed indifference toward suggestions for correcting substandard performance; missed numerous opportunities for improvement and career progression

o failed to attend scheduled new equipment training, resulting in section non-mission capable equipment due to improper maintenance practices

o created a hostile work environment by accepting zero responsibility for PCCs and PCIs; resulted in numerous missed missions and non-operational equipment

o failed to ensure subordinates completed mandatory annual training

o did not adequately manage his unit’s professional development needs; did not attempt to develop subordinates for positions of greater responsibility

o unwilling to extend assistance to sister units; put self before overall unit improvement

o fails to foster growth or development; maintains a zero-defect mentality

o fails to address Soldiers on their responsibilities to attend NCOES and MOS enhancement courses; perfectly content with personal and professional stagnation

o Soldiers unable to attend NCOES due to lack of preparation

o failed to complete appropriate level of SSD, ineligible for NCOES

o tenure as 1SG characterized by multiple failures due to lack of foresight to cross-train personnel on the unit’s key functions

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