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NCOER bullets for Develops

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

150 Develops bullets for Creates a positive command/workplace environment, Fosters esprit de corps, prepares self, develops others, stewards the profession

We offer the largest collection of NCOER bullets for your use. These bullets have been pulled off of approved NCOERs and all of them can be found in our free NCOER Bullet Tool found in the tools section of our website.

Save yourself hours of work and headaches. Use this NCOER Bullet Tool with over 2,600 HQDA Approved Bullets

Example bullets broke down by topic, additional duties, and MOS. Plus, you get lifetime updates. Enjoy!

Met Standard

dedicated to self-improvement; completed over 100 hours of correspondence course hours

effectively monitored subordinates’ Structured Self Development progress to ensure career development

encouraged Soldiers to pursue education and professional development opportunities; resulted in xx% of section enrolling in technical courses to improve proficiency

willingly devoted many hours of personal time to assist x Soldiers through the college application process and the navigation of online college classes

enrolled in bachelor’s degree program during off-duty time; completed xx college semester hours in _____ with a x.x GPA

mentored and trained Soldiers who won Soldier of Month/Quarter/Year or recommended for promotion to higher grade

requested, attended, and completed the Total Army Instructor Course to improve teaching abilities and instructional presentation of training for the unit

utilized AARs to develop a trends analysis that was incorporated into tactical operations lessons learned for updates to unit SOPs

demonstrated positive attitude toward training events; seized every opportunity to incorporate hip pocket training to ensure his Soldiers were always learning

constantly instilled a positive work environment resulting in a high state of section morale, readiness, and teamwork

inspires Soldiers at all levels with his work ethic, dedication to his section, and his personal drive and energy to do things perfectly

analyzed and developed training to further embody the warrior spirit; taught basic combatives, resulting in xx Soldiers earning level 1 qualification

spearheaded a meticulous round-robin training event enabling xx Soldiers to earn first-time GOs in all Army Warrior Tasks

requires Soldiers to accomplish all mandatory training before recommending future training

encouraged and mentored x team members to graduate from ____ Course

cross-trained x Soldiers on infantry tactics for an upcoming deployment

ensured all training was properly planned and resourced resulting in certifying x Soldiers; increased Soldiers' skill sets and unit readiness

presented the Task Force commander’s coin of excellence for outstanding performance during _____

enrolled in off-duty _____ degree program; completed xx college credit hours with a x.x GPA

encouraged the growth and development of Soldiers through individual learning; resulted in the completion of xxx hours of college and over xxx hours of ACCP

encouraged Soldiers to pursue education and professional development opportunities; resulted in 100% of section enrolling in technical courses to improve proficiency

mentored his/her Soldiers to attend promotion boards

refined a company-level NCO Professional Development Program to be effective, timely, supported the unit’s mission, and stimulated critical thinking

served as NCOIC/RSO on multiple small arms ranges; assisted qualification of xxx Soldiers

managed coordination and execution of x qualification ranges ensuring 100% of Soldiers were qualified on all assigned weapons in preparation for deployment

constantly encouraged Soldiers to seek financial independence through training and briefings conducted at the installation level

committed to improving the organization; makes decisions with the unit’s best interests in mind

served as a peer trainer for the battalion DRE; trained and validated xx Soldiers in air load operations

motivated Soldiers and NCOs to achieve proficiency in all MOS tasks; displayed positive attitude toward training events

intolerant of mediocrity; mentored subordinates to improve and not be content with current skills, knowledge, and attitudes

promotes esprit de corps in the section by participating in off-duty functions and coordinating team building activities

cross-trained personnel to ensure mission success while section operated at reduced strength

diligently incorporated safety into all aspects of the NCOA resulting in no injuries or interruption of training for more than xxx students or training staff

incorporated and evaluated feedback from subordinates; created conditions supporting Soldier development and opportunities to prosper

placed the health and welfare of his Soldiers and their Families first; met with all platoon Family members to ensure they were prepared for deployment

developed and implemented an intensive hands-on training program for her Soldiers which increased the overall knowledge and confidence in performance of daily duties

developed and implemented a junior analyst training program designed to reinforce all core 35F critical tasks

strove to make full use of limited time to provide tough realistic training

consistently briefs his soldiers fully on details of each training exercise

assisted in developing a 150-lane orienteering land navigation course for state-wide use

trained over 360 cadets during West Point Maneuver Exercises while conducting cadre logistical operations simultaneously

spent considerable time and effort passing knowledge and experience on to Soldiers; his Soldiers were always ready to deploy

always eager to share knowledge and insight in order to develop his subordinates to their fullest potential

fostered a positive work environment by unselfishly sharing knowledge and insight with seniors, peers, and subordinates

trained three NCOs and two civilians in all aspects of the G2 Watch mission; always prepared to integrate new members into the team

confidently trained a new OIC on an NCA interest target in only 8 days; armed OIC to push forward a significant operational concept

instituted the first ever tactical lane training for the CI platoon, enabling 15 individuals tasks to be trained in one event

organized low density MOS training for Soldiers to cross train on all aspects of admin operations

possesses the unique ability to capture and hold the attention and imagination of Soldiers during training sessions

extraordinary NCOPD and Sergeant's Time Program ensured young Soldiers were prepared to support the total Army

successfully trained a new crew of 12 special duty Soldiers every three months to accomplish technically demanding airborne tests

always ensured that his section training was well planned and professionally executed

worked directly with the Hungarian Security Forces to establish immediate action drills for use in Bosnia

reinvigorated Sergeant's Time and low density training by insisting on written Task, Conditions, Standards and lesson plans

demonstrated proficiency in the use of automated systems; taught herself the Command Post of the Future (CPOF) system and used it daily for battlefield tracking

led three Soldiers in preparation for the Company and Battalion NCO promotions boards; accepted nothing less than excellence

trains his section to completely accomplish any and all tasks assigned

established rapport and battle rhythm with training area headquarters to enable execution of Squadron air and ground gunnery

builds a winning attitude through tough and realistic training

extremely adept at preparing his section for professional and technical excellence

Exceeded Standard

established board mentorship program resulting in a Soldier competing in and winning the post Soldier of the Quarter

completed pregnancy physical training leader course; responsible for returning six Soldiers to deployment ready status

mentored x squad members for induction into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

developed NCOs and Soldiers by counseling, teaching, and mentoring them to attend the Soldier/NCO of the Month Board, x Soldiers and x NCO(s) won the board

completed _____ degree graduating magna cum laude with x.x GPA; encouraged others to seek additional military and civilian education

emphasis on development and management of personnel resulted in x Soldiers attending MOS enhancing training and x personnel attending NCOES

dedicated to self-development; gains new knowledge and applies it to improve the unit

created and coordinated training support packages to enable ARNG units to receive required pre-deployment training for their first operational deployment

maximized resources to enable crews to receive optimal training through which the battery received superior ratings during the IFPC Validation LFX

incorporated lessons learned from past and current events to ensure relevant training; passed knowledge to his NCOs through a well-structured NCODP

supervised the planning and coordination for the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge for the company where xx Soldiers earned the badge

incorporated real life scenarios while creating a rigorous learning environment

single-handedly organized the unit’s organizational day which incorporated HHC, students, Army Civilians, and cadre

developed a hearty work environment cultivating esprit de corps; enhanced subordinates’ skills assured mission accomplishment xx months before other areas

mentored x subordinate battalion operations SGTs during a x-month red cycle for xxxx Soldiers; lauded by BDE CSM for unparalleled performance

managed training during company EOD STX for xx Soldiers; ensured the intent of the lanes and testing was conducted to the standard with a 100% pass rate

strives to reach a level above current position; always broadening military and civilian knowledge

as the SHARP and EOL, educated and empowered all Soldiers in the troop to foster a safe and healthy working environment

reviewed records and advised more than xx NCOs on career progression and promotion potential leading to xx NCO promotions

cultivated an environment to shape competent, tough, and confident Soldiers, validating MOS knowledge through competitions

expertly trained and certified more than xxx brigade combat team Soldiers on critical tasks required to perform _____ operations while deployed

increased the unit’s operational capabilities by developing a team leader certification program

trained and mentored two NCOs selected to attend Sergeant Morales Board

devised a training program that raised tank crew scores on TT VII by 78 pts

trained all communication teams to exceed ARTEP standards

trained 50 soldiers on land navigation techniques resulting in a first time go for all on the FY03 CTT

ranked number 5 out of 240 at an international shooting competition which helped the HHC USAREUR & 7th Army team place third

entire squad qualified expert on assigned weapon and received first time GOs on CTT

his subordinate was chosen soldier of the month for battalion and brigade

cited by the division SJA as having the best legal training program in the division

his platoon received outstanding results on ARTEP during the American, British, Canadian, and Australian Exercise

conducted two completely NCO lead field training exercises

developed and implemented an intensive hands-on evaluation for MOS certification

commended by Bavarian Ministry for training provided to Bavarian Ministry Officials

planned, coordinated, and executed 1st NCO run BN Live Fire Howitzer Section Evaluation

trained 27 soldiers to qualify first time with a M-4 Carbine; 10 fired expert

his battalion labeled "best ever" to go through AH-64 unit training at Fort Hood, TX

superb trainer; his platoon averaged 98 percent first time 'GO' on armor crewman test II

his aggressive training program resulted in 12 soldiers excelling in the Army's Culinary Arts competition; winning 16 medals

an extraordinary trainer; his students maintain the highest overall pass rate in the course

has raised individual training proficiency from less than 50% to over 90%

trained several leaders utilizing the train-the-trainer concept that resulted in Reserve Component leaders conducting mission critical training to standard

coached the BN trainee flag football team to win first place in the brigade tournament

his squad area selected as best in battalion and DISCOM by CG/ADC

trained battalion and brigade reenlistment NCOs to win 1st Qtr FY91 Reenlistment Award

researched, designed and executed highly realistic cavalry scout combat training program at the NTC

developed a pre-ranger assessment and training program resulting in several enlisted and NCO ranger graduates

developed, planned, instructed sniper course for Alaska National Guard

coached the battalion's M60 machine gun team to an overall top placement in the CG's marksmanship competition

instrumental in his platoon receiving a 98% first-time pass rate in weapons qualification

Far Exceeded Standard

completed x semester hours toward a(n) associate’s/bachelor’s/master’s degree in _____ while maintaining a x.xx GPA

mentored and coached xx NCOs to achieve premium results during NCOES; x Soldiers earned distinction as honor graduates and x received commandant’s list recognition

committed to leader development; built and maintained the best unit certification program

credited with having x articles published in branch professional development publications enhancing the knowledge of the branch’s NCOs

cultivated growth and learning with an attitude placing unit performance above individual achievement; recognized by OC/Ts as most cohesive company in the battalion

established a TOC standard for the battalion; planned and supervised multiple TOCEXs to enhance the ability of the battalion to conduct mission command

developed his Soldier to win Company/Battalion/Brigade/Division/Installation/Army Soldier of the Year

developed and led the company’s special fitness program; xx Soldiers improved their physical fitness by passing the APFT; averages improved x%/xx points

mentored x staff sergeants within his platoon with x subsequently selected for promotion to SFC

groomed x SR NCOs for selection by the Army G1 Classification Branch to assist in training xx personnel developers from x other career management fields

planned, resourced, and conducted training for one of the largest BCTs on the installation; his training plan has become the model for the division

resourced an effective battalion Drivers Training program licensing xxx Soldiers to execute APO mail delivery for the theater, saving more than $x M

tested, trained, and licensed more than xxx Soldiers on non-tactical vehicles in a x-week period enhancing the battalion’s mission readiness

embodies teach, train, and lead; envisions the NCO 2020 concept; works diligently to develop today's junior leaders on meeting such requirements

trained more than xxx Soldiers within the unit on preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment during the post SHARP stand down day

Did Not Meet Standard

continually fails to attend required NCOES schooling; questionable reasons for non-attendance are ill-timed in notification

failed to begin or complete any military or civilian education; reluctant to accept responsibility for development and improving organizational effectiveness

fails to coach or mentor Soldiers to participate in any Soldier of the Month or promotion boards

rated NCO did not foster an environment of fair treatment or awareness of others which allowed turmoil and low morale to breed among the junior enlisted

failed to effectively develop subordinates by not allowing Soldiers to learn from their mistakes

did not accurately track mandatory training resulting in expired weapons qualification and APFT results for Soldiers in his team/crew

inappropriate conduct adversely affected morale and discipline among peers and subordinates

demonstrated a lack of knowledge in most assigned duties, does not follow instructions resulting in mission failure, and is a threat to the safety of the company

mismanaged time and effort during maintenance days; failed battalion-level inspections on multiple checklist items; single-handedly lowered OR rate by xx%

displayed indifference toward suggestions for correcting substandard performance; missed numerous opportunities for improvement and career progression

failed to attend scheduled new equipment training, resulting in section non-mission capable equipment due to improper maintenance practices

created a hostile work environment by accepting zero responsibility for PCCs and PCIs; resulted in numerous missed missions and non-operational equipment

failed to ensure subordinates completed mandatory annual training

did not adequately manage his unit’s professional development needs; did not attempt to develop subordinates for positions of greater responsibility

unwilling to extend assistance to sister units; put self before overall unit improvement

failed to foster growth or development; maintains a zero-defect mentality

failed to address Soldiers on their responsibilities to attend NCOES and MOS enhancement courses; perfectly content with personal and professional stagnation

Soldiers unable to attend NCOES due to lack of preparation

failed to complete appropriate level of SSD, ineligible for NCOES

tenure as 1SG characterized by multiple failures due to lack of foresight to cross-train personnel on the unit’s key functions

disregard for AAR feedback led to repeated inability of his platoon to accomplish hasty breaches during _____; unable or unwilling to apply lessons learned

failure to accurately track mandatory training resulted in expired weapons qualification and APFT results leaving Soldiers in his troop ineligible to compete for promotion

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