NCOER bullets for Leads

Met Standard

o one of x MSGs selected Army-wide to lead in the Army Research Institutes Test Program Advisory Team to discuss critical attributes for Soldier MOS selections

o led team to exceed mission requirements for drill sergeants, AIT platoon sergeants, and recruiters

o demonstrated exceptional expertise leading to his career management field being selected as one of the Army's first of 26 CMFs to implement the Army Career Tracker

o led x instructors consisting of military, civilian contractor, and augmented OCs conducting more than xxxx academic hours enforcing learning objectives

o built teams with civic, institutional, and government leadership to establish, shape, and provide policy for the Army Credentialing Program, a $xxM effort

o invited to meet with Department of Defense senior leaders on veterans’ unemployment issues

o shows leadership competencies of senior grades; a true leader capable of leading Soldiers to success

o clearly in a class all his/her own; takes each assigned mission as if it is a life or death challenge (shows no fear)

o mentored x NCOs to seek enrollment into the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club; resulted in x NCOs being nominated for induction

o supervised the excess turn-in of more than xxxx serviceable repair parts, returning $x M to the Army supply system

o successfully led squad to participate in multiple rapid deployment operations

o mentored a substandard Soldier to pass APFT by increasing his score by xx

o scored 300 on most recent APFT earning the Army Physical Fitness Badge

o performed all squad missions and tasks while assuming duties as the squad leader for more than x months of rated period

o built squad confidence through counseling, demonstration, and practical exercises

o motivated his Soldiers to endure by leading from the front during a 20 km foot-march in harsh weather; his entire team finished within time standards without incident

o competed for NCO of the Quarter to demonstrate initiative and self-improvement; motivated the entire team to compete for Soldier of the Quarter

o takes necessary actions to ensure Soldiers’ concerns and needs are addressed and resolved allowing for increased trust, confidence, and commitment to the unit

o constantly assessed risk during night tactical movement and implemented mitigation measures to ensure crew safety while accomplishing the mission

o displayed the ability to relate to peers and subordinates developing a sense of respect and mutual trust among his team

Did Not Meet Standard

o demonstrated behavior inconsistent with Army Values by driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of 0.086%

o failed to conduct proper risk assessments or react when risk factors increased; resulted in x Soldiers injured during the rating period

o routinely failed to supervise Soldiers conducting PMCS during inclement weather

o fails to effectively communicate with subordinates causing mission failure

o exhibited poor rapport with Soldiers providing ineffective supervision and delegation of responsibilities

o failed to keep Soldiers informed; information dissemination inconsistent and lacking in both content and context; Soldiers lack trust and confidence in the command

o failed to adequately prepare/conduct scheduled M249 Squad Automatic Weapon training, required another team leader to train his Soldiers on the weapon system

o failed to communicate and enforce published safety standards in the unit motor pool; x vehicles were damaged when his parked vehicle rolled into another

o Soldiers lacked guidance and direction evidenced by multiple mission failures due to a lack of physical presence; whereabouts frequently suspectre

o moved from leadership position for failure to supervise and lead Soldiers

o lacks confidence, managerial skills, and ability to make immediate decisions without supervisor guidance

o Soldier's flaccid leadership style degraded squad morale by failing to provide guidance, support, or confidence to his subordinates

o allowed Soldiers to take short cut in training resulting in the first training injury in x years

o training shortcuts resulted in significant equipment damage; greatly reduced the unit’s capacity to conduct its tactical mission

o failed to support chain of command and NCO support channel leading to a toxic environment; lacks the trust of superiors and subordinates

o failed to take responsibility for the actions of Soldiers under his charge; allowed Soldiers to sleep during guard duty

o betrayed the trust and loyalty of peers and subordinates alike by fabricating maintenance records

o demonstrated behavior inconsistent with Army Values by driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of 0.08+%

o drinking off-duty with junior Soldiers demonstrated poor judgment inconsistent with Army Values

o failed to conduct proper risk assessments or react when risk factors increased leading to x injured Soldiers

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