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NCOER bullets for Leads

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

150 Leads NCOER bullets for Leads others, Extends influence beyond the chain of command, Leads by example, Communicates

We offer the largest collection of NCOER bullets for your use. These bullets have been pulled off of approved NCOERs and all of them can be found in our free NCOER Bullet Tool found in the tools section of our website.

Save yourself hours of work and headaches. Use this NCOER Bullet Tool with over 2,600 HQDA Approved Bullets

Example bullets broke down by topic, additional duties, and MOS. Plus, you get lifetime updates. Enjoy!

Met Standard

unafraid; willing to operate outside own capacity for the challenge to remain competent and ready

continually seeks ways to improve functional areas metrics/operations

succesfully led squad to participate in multiple rapid deployment operations

mentored a substandard Soldier to pass APFT by increasing his score by xx

scored 300 on most recent APFT earning the Army Physical Fitness Badge

performed all squad missions and tasks while assuming duties as the squad leader for more than x months of rated period

built squad confidence through counseling, demonstration, and practical exercises

motivated his Soldiers to endure by leading from the front during a 20 km foot-march in harsh weather; his entire team finished within time standards without incident

competed for NCO of the Quarter to demonstrate initiative and self-improvement; motivated the entire team to compete for Soldier of the Quarter

takes necessary actions to ensure Soldiers’ concerns and needs are addressed and resolved allowing for increased trust, confidence, and commitment to the unit

constantly assessed risk during night tactical movement and implemented mitigation measures to ensure crew safety while accomplishing the mission

displayed the ability to relate to peers and subordinates developing a sense of respect and mutual trust among his team

supervised the installation and testing of an antenna system at a remote site; saved the organization $xxK in installation fees

leads by example in the pursuit of excellence; worked extended hours on numerous occasions to ensure on-time task completion

recognized with the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for volunteering more than xxx hours of his personal time to the local community

was instrumental in the successful completion of range density week by instructing PMI on the M4/M16 range achieving a xx% qualifying rate

deployed x Soldiers in her squad to NTC to assist in successful draw and turn in of xx items of equipment

demeanor and leadership influenced the tribal council to accept coalition assistance; defeated the insurgent stronghold

coached and mentored Soldiers; allowed them opportunities to serve in and learn from positions of greater responsibility

instilled a ‘team first’ mentality within the section; led by example

a master of weapons training able to transform gun crews into Top Guns

hand-selected to serve as team/squad leader over xx other highly qualified junior NCOs based on dedication and commitment

led his squad to achieve the highest score during battalion competitions

influenced and mentored x Soldiers thru ALC; x made the commandant’s list

ensured staff met high standards of the NCOA while not neglecting family obligations

instilled the need for leader development through monthly NCODP meetings and seminars

effectively managed platoon members ensuring SSD1 and SSD2 completion through counseling and visual inspections of completion

attends courses to gain a greater perspective facilitating better discussion

conducts PRT with units to gage fitness standards of troops and leaders

fostered high morale in the unit; Soldiers willingly tackle any challenge under his leadership

standards-based leader; uses disciplined training management processes to ensure mission success

created a harmonious work relationship in his section; resolved internal conflicts to ensure maximum efficiency

keeps platoon informed of requirements through squad leaders; every member consequently has the same information

ensured the platoon was informed and complied with suspenses in preparation for missions

integrated multiple slice elements and molded them into an effective, efficient support team which provided essential services for deployed Soldiers

had x Soldiers selected as Battalion Soldier/NCO of the Quarter, directly linked to training and mentorship

developed a sense of mutual trust and respect within his platoon and the organization; displayed genuine interest for his Soldiers and their Families; a true team builder

constantly assessed risk and implemented mitigation measures during night tactical movement to ensure the safety of his crew while accomplishing the mission

capitalized on individual strengths to build an effective organization; integrated new Soldiers to the unit and rapidly assimilated them

consistently communicated with her Soldiers; ensured each Soldier understood assigned roles and the importance of the mission

fostered a learning environment free of sexual assault and sexual harassment; created a climate of dignity and respect for all Soldiers

supported the Army’s EO and SHARP programs by fostering an environment free of discrimination and harassment through training and personal example

coordinated and supervised x health and welfare inspections enabling commanders to maintain good order and discipline of their units

dedicated to Soldier welfare; created positive climate of trust, teamwork, and duty satisfaction

integrated x new Soldiers to the unit and trained them in LLVI operations using unit SOPs and prior combat experience; capitalized on individual strengths

spearheaded the collection, inventory, and turn in of more than $xxx worth of outdated or unserviceable equipment resulting in zero loss for the section

possesses the mental ability to train and lead; continues to mentor and educate to develop skills for operating at a higher capacity in the future

assumed duties as deputy commandant with skill and finesse, quickly assessing and understanding doctrine, NCOA procedures, and vital relationships

was able to instill a ‘team first’ mentality within the section; a charismatic leader

displays superior self-confidence which motivates subordinates to achieve high standards

Exceeded Standard

selected as the Battalion Drill Sergeant of the Quarter

eagerly passed lessons learned to other units to ensure success throughout the organization

routinely invites wounded warriors to unit leader development sessions to discuss resiliency and PTSD concerns

built a climate of trust where every member focuses on a common goal; this did not exist previously

maintained a mission readiness rate of xx% while conducting 24-hour operations in one of the most challenging operational and strategic environments

competed for and attained induction into the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

x of his xx Soldiers were selected as Battalion (Soldier/NCO) of the Quarter, directly responsible through training and mentorship

hand selected to serve as 1SG over xx other highly qualified NCOs based on his/her extensive and diverse knowledge

integrated a rehabilitative transfer Soldier and made him a productive member of the platoon; demonstrated persistence, patience, and empathy

intuitively grasped inherent requirements during missions allowing the commander to focus on the larger scope of operations; took decisive action without further guidance

communicated a clear understanding of missions and their importance; ensured full understanding at the lowest level through rehearsals and back briefs

recognized with the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for volunteering more than xxx hours of personal time to the local community

led platoon during a complex attack directing fires on enemy positions while maintaining command and control of dismounted elements; multiple valorous awards were earned

superbly served as Commandant, NCOA during the commandant’s extended absence; a highly skilled leader capable of greater responsibility

superbly managed the NCOA and proved to be an inspiring motivator creating a cohesive, dynamic team of SGLs invigorating instructor and student performance

led x cycles of AC and RC SLC and ALC courses resulting in highly engaging, relevant training for more than xxx NCOs

prepared all subordinates for increased leadership responsibilities; sought for his/her sage advice and counsel; x of his/her Soldiers earned below-zone promotions

placed long-term success over short-term gain and understood the second- and third-order effects of leadership decisions; unit increased xx% METL efficiency versus FYXX

flawlessly served as the Brigade Operations Sergeant Major for xx days in the absence of the SGM; resulted in no loss of momentum in training or operations

outstanding leader whose qualities and respect enabled his selection over x senior noncommissioned officers to fill the first sergeant position for xx days

faced with an increasing non-mission capable equipment rate, determined deficiencies, resourced outside assistance, and corrected them

company known across the installation as the standard bearer; dominates most unit competitions

leads from the front; can lead at current level as well as higher levels

created a plan and set goals to train his section on the unit’s METL tasks, resulting in a “T” rating on x of xx tasks in the last training quarter

trained xxx Soldiers on current IED threats and enemy TTPs, enhancing their explosives safety and IED awareness; increased Soldiers’ battlefield survivability

during an attack at NTC, he took charge of the remnants of 3 platoons and secured the BN objective

led his men to beat eight of the nine rifle squads in a Company Biathlon in Alaska

in 12 months, five of his recruiters earned the Recruiter Ring, the command's highest award

received commendation from Battalion CSM for his Soldiers' appearance and performance during company BCI

barracks selected as the post representative in the TRADOC Community of Excellence Competition

motivated and trained three soldiers to achieve Soldier of the Quarter

coached National Guard unit to max First Army training evaluation

catalyst during the FY91 Command Inspection, 17 areas were rated as outstanding

took an inherited unsatisfactory section to a commendable rating at JRTC

instrumental in his platoon receiving a 98% first-time pass rate in weapons qualification

received Best Team rating during JRTC as a direct result of his astute leadership abilities

his leadership and expertise assisted the battalion in winning the USAREUR Supply Excellence Award

motivated entire squad to qualify expert with assigned weapon

improved unit morale by planning, coordinating, and executing trips for entire unit and family members

commended by 21st TAACOM CSM for improving Quality of Life environment for single soldiers in barracks

rewrote, edited, collected, and published a 600 page TACSOP in 2 months including many after-duty hours

developed outstanding command retention program for FY92, cited a best in the MACOM

planned and conducted a two day AER Run-a-Thon collecting over $500.00 in donations

was selected to be installation 1SG over 19 other NCOs senior to her

mentored a civilian employee selected as Civilian of the Year and another selected as first runner-up for Civilian of the Quarter

coached the maintenance section to a first place finish on a Brigade 3rd Quarter Maintenance Inspection

led committee to win TRADOC Commander's Award for Excellence for an Outdoor Training Facility

supervised 106 enlisted personnel from 7 work sites located 5 to 50 miles from main hospital

his platoon rifle marksmanship program resulted in 17 experts out of 21 personnel

in the absence of an officer, commanded the detachment on two separate missions at JRTC

Far Exceeded Standard

implemented training that resulted in 25 percent achievement of the Expert Field Medical Badge across the section

guided team to complete 460 hours of correspondence, 43 hours of college, and self development training for advancement

volunteered more than xxx hours with youth services to mentor xx at-risk teens

scored 300 on most recent APFT

earned his associate’s/bachelor’s/master’s degree in _____ with a x.x GPA

oversaw committee preparation training more than xxxx cadets at West Point

one of the most trusted leaders in the unit; built impeccable internal and external professional relationships extending influence outside the chain of command

has the uncanny ability to balance Soldier needs with missions; his Soldiers have the highest morale and combat effectiveness of the organization

leads the most disciplined unit in the organization; knows his Soldiers, mitigates risk by enforcing standards and holds individuals accountable for their actions

section received Top Gun award for receiving highest scores during section certifications

exhibited an unrelenting pursuit of excellence; selected as the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence Non-Commissioned Officer Academy NCO of the quarter

selected as detachment sergeant, a position one rank above his own and ahead of peers, without any shortcomings

earned coin of excellence from the TRADOC Command Sergeant Major for his exceptional performance as deputy commandant and the betterment of NCO learning

his/her company was recognized by the BDE commander as having the best overall training and medical readiness statistics during x quarterly training briefs

consistently sought for advice and input by members of the command; well-respected throughout the brigade for his knowledge and experience

used a mix of influence techniques depending upon the situation and audience to build a team of teams; recognized as a leader among leaders

restructured and retrained company following redeployment quickly rebuilding capabilities; maintained morale, discipline and esprit de corps despite personnel turmoil

reset his platoon xx days after redeployment from _____, enabling a team to deploy to _____ supporting x missile units defending against regional threats

served in a SGM position as a MSG while his unit deployed to _____ for xx months, returned with no incidents and high morale

selected to perform duties as platoon sergeant; obtained excellent results

led NCOA through TRADOC accreditation and earned the Institute of Excellence rating

as deputy commandant, motivated SGLs to earn x BAIBs and x SAIBs as part of the IDRP; an engaged senior leader always seizing opportunities for SGLs

led x separate areas deprived of a first line supervisor; achieved xx% of assigned missions; effective communication skills enhanced organizational effectiveness

one of x MSGs selected Army-wide to lead in the Army Research Institutes Test Program Advisory Team to discuss critical attributes for Soldier MOS selections

led team to exceed mission requirements for drill sergeants, AIT platoon sergeants, and recruiters

Did Not Meet Standard

demonstrated behavior inconsistent with Army Values by driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of 0.086%

failed to conduct proper risk assessments or react when risk factors increased; resulted in x Soldiers injured during the rating period

routinely failed to supervise Soldiers conducting PMCS during inclement weather

fails to effectively communicate with subordinates causing mission failure

exhibited poor rapport with Soldiers providing ineffective supervision and delegation of responsibilities

failed to keep Soldiers informed; information dissemination inconsistent and lacking in both content and context; Soldiers lack trust and confidence in the command

failed to adequately prepare/conduct scheduled M249 Squad Automatic Weapon training, required another team leader to train his Soldiers on the weapon system

failed to communicate and enforce published safety standards in the unit motor pool; x vehicles were damaged when his parked vehicle rolled into another

Soldiers lacked guidance and direction evidenced by multiple mission failures due to a lack of physical presence; whereabouts frequently suspectre

moved from leadership position for failure to supervise and lead Soldiers

lacks confidence, managerial skills, and ability to make immediate decisions without supervisor guidance

Soldier's flaccid leadership style degraded squad morale by failing to provide guidance, support, or confidence to his subordinates

allowed Soldiers to take short cut in training resulting in the first training injury in x years

training shortcuts resulted in significant equipment damage; greatly reduced the unit’s capacity to conduct its tactical mission

failed to support chain of command and NCO support channel leading to a toxic environment; lacks the trust of superiors and subordinates

failed to take responsibility for the actions of Soldiers under his charge; allowed Soldiers to sleep during guard duty

betrayed the trust and loyalty of peers and subordinates alike by fabricating maintenance records

demonstrated behavior inconsistent with Army Values by driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of 0.08+%

drinking off-duty with junior Soldiers demonstrated poor judgment inconsistent with Army Values

failed to conduct proper risk assessments or react when risk factors increased leading to x injured Soldiers

failed to address concerns and monitor risk factors affecting team members resulting in mission deterioration; undermined the trust of subordinates

information dissemination was inconsistent and often untimely; resulted in a lack of trust among subordinates and supervisors

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