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NCOER bullets for Intellect

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

150 Intellect bullets for Mental agility, Sound Judgement, Innovation, Interpersonal tact, Expertise

We offer the largest collection of NCOER bullets for your use. These bullets have been pulled off of approved NCOERs and all of them can be found in our free NCOER Bullet Tool found in the tools section of our website.

Save yourself hours of work and headaches. Use this NCOER Bullet Tool with over 2,600 HQDA Approved Bullets

Example bullets broke down by topic, additional duties, and MOS. Plus, you get lifetime updates. Enjoy!

Met Standard

examined standards and educated the unit through demonstrations to ensure correct interpretations

consistently demonstrates complete understanding by injecting the right amount of problem solving abilities

technical knowledge of the BFV led to his crew firing “Distinguished” during Table VI

demonstrated understanding of his assigned crew-served weapon by teaching the correct application of fires to his gun team

trusted to operate independently with minimal supervision due to demonstrated ability to use sound judgment and adaptive solutions to facilitate task completion

presents sound, logical recommendations on improvements to doctrine and tactics to evaluators and peers in a positive, constructive manner

promotes a proactive approach to education; all Solders in the section have completed SSD and are actively attaining civilian education and technical credentialing

completed xx semester hours of college maintaining a GPA of 3.x or above

coordinated afternoon college courses; resulted in Soldiers earning xx hours of college credit

extraordinarily proficient Operations NCO; provided mission command support to BDE S3 shop in first field training exercise

led a PMI-1 team averaging 20 days per phase, 10 days less than the Army standard

recognized opportunities and took decisive action within the commander’s intent to ensure mission accomplishment during Operation Marne Thunder

accepted challenging tasks outside his/her comfort zone; provided innovative leadership preparing BOSS events, enhancing morale for single Soldiers across the installation

selected as primary PMI instructor for xx personnel on M16A2 rifle; led to 100% qualification in preparation for upcoming deployment

displayed high technical and tactical proficiency; maintained xx% equipment readiness rate for 12 consecutive months

displayed tactical patience during a live-fire STX lane resulting in the successful destruction of x enemy obstacles

exhibited excellent interpersonal tact when dealing with others; led to proper identification of problems, formulation of solutions to resolve issues and concerns

managed the JPAS records database for the Soldiers and Civilians throughout the Directorate of Training

cost-conscious NCO who executes new maintenance procedures; saved the unit more than $xK in equipment repairs

completed xx college semester hours toward a(n) associate’s/bachelor’s/master’s degree in _____ with a x.x GPA

recognized opportunities and maneuvered his platoon within the commander’s intent to ensure destruction of six OPFOR vehicles during movement to contact

displayed ability to analyze available information and operate within the commander’s intent during platoon STX

recognized changing conditions and created opportunities to accomplish reconnaissance missions during NTC rotation; demonstrated keen sense of awareness

while deployed supporting Operation _____, exhibited ability to relate to local nationals ensuring their needs were met

maintains awareness of changes in course material, incorporates changes in lesson plans

utilized his combat experience when teaching the course material resulting in students having a better understanding of what is expected in the field

mission-focused preliminary marksmanship instruction resulted in 100% qualification of his squad on all assigned weapons

displayed strong belief in the preservation of military customs by leading and supporting NCODPs, as well as a myriad of ceremonies honoring Soldiers and leaders

improved efficiency of company operations with his knowledge, increasing timely submission of awards and NCOERs

ensured every student and staff member under his charge was treated with dignity and respect while being held to the highest standard

displayed the ability to adapt to changing situations; relied on intuition, experience, knowledge and input from subordinates; accomplished assigned missions

challenged and inspired Soldiers through tactical and technical proficiency; persuaded Soldiers to think outside the box and generate appropriate solutions to unit predicaments

recognized changing mission dynamics; used all available tools to enhance organizational success; created a work place that shared lessons learned

maintained more than $xM worth of equipment with 100% accountability

dedicated long hours to training Soldiers resulting in full comprehension of unit missions by subordinates

displayed high technical and tactical proficiency; maintained 90% equipment readiness rate for 12 consecutive months

exhibited excellent interpersonal tact when dealing with others; properly identified problems and formed solutions to resolve issues and concerns

often hand picked by the squad leader for the most complex and difficult tasks

totally relied upon to run all Army flight operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

demonstrates strong technical and operational knowledge

willingly accepts any tasks, regardless of difficulty

sought improvement through college and military courses

selected over 13 Staff Sergeants for deployment to Bosnia as Operations NCOIC; respected by team leaders

conducted three Battalion physical security inspections in preparation for Brigade NTC rotation substantially increasing unit readiness

excelled as night shift NCOIC during Warfighter 99; a position normally held by a senior intelligence analyst

flawlessly monitored and maintained all automation and intelligence systems for the BDE S2 resulting in zero system outages

selected from among his peers to sit in as the brigade CSM in his absence

technical expertise sought by system planners for network troubleshooting

selected to train unit commanders and 1SGs on personnel procedures and policies

extremely competent NCO who assumed duties as NCOIC of the optometry clinic for 4 months in the absence of the NCOIC

deployed maintenance personnel in temperatures down to -30 degrees with no cold weather injuries

developed company pre-combat checklists and inspections that were adopted as the Brigade standard for units preparing deployment

inherited eight deadlined vehicles which he made fully mission capable through a regimented maintenance program

most reliable operator in section due to his flexibility and adaptability to changes

Exceeded Standard

selected as EOL for company over superiors and peers; standardized, educated, and enforced fairness and equality

selected to serve as battalion motorcycle mentor; developed and implemented the unit mentorship program

increased medical readiness improved deployability of an infantry unit by 12 percent by effectively utilizing MEDPROS

constantly pursues educational goals; seeks self-improvement by completing x credit hours with an overall x.xx GPA toward a(n) associate’s/bachelor’s/master’s degree in _____

led the revision of the unit’s TACSOP, contributing to a successful CTC rotation

all sections completed advanced credentialing requirements resulting in the award of technical MOS certifications

took the initiative to institute a promotion board study group resulting in x of x Soldiers ultimately being promoted to SGT

created training products and classes to certify xx Soldiers on the company’s new equipment (AGPU, power supply, TAIS system, CPOF, BFT)

clearly understands the complexity of the Army Operating Concept; led the division-level IPB synchronization meeting

rapidly absorbed information, assessed situations, and developed logical courses of action incorporated during mission planning sessions; model of sound judgment

sought new ideas from multiple sources to creatively approach problems and develop solutions; integrated theater enablers to ensure mission success

demonstrated a keen understanding of cultural environment when interacting with higher echelons; easily dismantled perceived barriers and enhanced communication

created a brigade file-sharing database for internal training; enabled the unit to share information across x military bases along the east coast

meticulous attention to detail and flawless execution of military funeral honors led the BDE CSM to select him to train and validate the brigade color guard team

selected over x other senior MSGs to assume the role of company 1SG

implemented programs increasing the brigade's overall operational readiness rate from xx% to xx% in x months

proved repeatedly to be the most reliable and competent NCO in the company; definitely a positive multiplier for the brigade

employed tenets of mission command; empowered leaders to earn distinguished mission accomplishment honors within the battalion; ranked xx of xx centers for FYXX

displayed outstanding mental agility; created individual mission plans adopted by battalion leadership and required for use by all area personnel

unafraid of challenges; engages every task with the mindset of improving efficiency and quality

submitted a POI change proposal that the _____ School accepted

completed x modules/training courses toward _____ certification

selected as the subject matter expert for _____ training in brigade/division/corps

authored and completed the Norddeutschland Community Physical Security Plan

chosen as a brigade 1993 DLI Language Olympics team member due to his language expertise

scored a perfect score of 1000 points on Tank Table VIII as Tank Commander

led the Brigade S2 through grueling installation command inspections; received three commendable ratings for previously nonfunctional areas

recognized as hero of the battlefield for exceptional IED threat analysis by the Regimental OPFOR Commander during NTC rotation 06-08

provided targeting products and analysis which resulted in combat operations capturing 46 BDE and BN high value targets within the first 10 months of OIF 06-08

selected as Instructor of the Cycle over 8 other instructors

completed bachelor's degree with honors during this rating period

wrote the SOP on radio training enabled cross-training of TV producers and 100% cross-marketing of TV news to radio product

developed a worldwide database, enabling him to quickly contact 1SGs and commanders in the field by phone and e-mail

total self-starter operating a highly successful section 355 miles from supervision and support base

earned M60 MG Master which places him in the top 5% of the Divisions NCOs

in the absence of his commander he alerted, assembled and deployed the company to support Operation Just Cause

selected to represent the 7th Ranger Training Battalion in the Best Ranger Competition

developed, wrote, and published mission SOP for use by Watch NCOs of echelon-above-corps intelligence unit

highest score ever achieved in Drill Competition in his first 2 weeks as a Drill Sergeant

created the unit NCO Battle Book which was adopted by the entire 557th U.A Artillery Group

expertise resulted in his selection to train the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force during Desert Storm

resolved over 50 suspicious incident investigations in only 5 months eliminating over 25 CI targets; 10 were ultimately detained by Corps for further intel exploitation

master of automated systems; instrumental in keeping 100% of 30 classified systems up and running through two facility moves

rewrote infantry NBC ANCOC POI that was certified by Sergeant Major Academy

successfully relocated brigade's mailrooms from Nuremberg to Bamberg, without loss of any mail service or accountability of mail

responsible for closing PSP 3J, shipping 45,000 tons in 1,200 containers and 1,365 trailers

outstanding supply management supervision resulting in a drop in the average time to ship orders from 10 days down to 5.8 days

coordinated an active community relief effort through MPS (Military Postal System) to support the homeless

selected over 29 other NCOs to serve as the squadron aviation life support officer in addition to his regular duties

prepared six tank companies for an intense qualification gunnery with 95% pass rate

Far Exceeded Standard

constantly pursuing educational goals; completed x semester hours to earn an associate’s/bachelor’s/master’s degree in _____ with an overall x.xx GPA

revived a dysfunctional company; improved unit expertise through mentorship; xx Soldiers promoted, xx college credits earned, xx% completed relevant SSD level

possesses acute mental agility; quickly adapts to changing conditions and implements solutions allowing mission success regardless of the challenge

seizes opportunities to introduce new ideas; thrives on making decisions in the absence of information allowing his unit to execute ahead of other organizations

tactical ability exceeds those of his peers; created a superior unit by replicating combat conditions during home station training

synthesized information from IPB, terrain analysis, and rehearsals to consistently maneuver his platoon to the decisive point during all NTC xx-xx missions

readily provided novel approaches to problem solving which the battalion TACSOP incorporated to enhance mission effectiveness

sought and considered input from multiple sources when faced with unfamiliar situations; used creative approaches to overcome inertia and accomplish missions

tactfully proposed multiple courses of action to coalition partners while maintaining cultural awareness fostering greater cooperation and cohesion

assumed the duties of the G6 supporting x general officers; ensured 100% operational readiness and exceeded DISA’s information assurance requirements

received a superior rating during the HQDA HHA; resulted in x Army best practices passing to other ACOMs for employment

selected to compete in the Master Instructor Selection Board, the highest level of board to select Soldiers striving to earn the title of learning professional

received commendable ratings on all quarterly evaluations; recognized by the commandant as being the best NCO Academy instructor

designs framework and programs to support the Army and shape policy through Department of Defense initiatives

developed a _____ training program adopted for incorporation throughout the command

continues to seek missions and learning opportunities at higher levels

operates at a level beyond current grade effectively and has the potential to benefit both troop leading and staff positions (think tank and innovator)

cost-conscious senior NCO who implemented new maintenance procedures saving the Army more than $xM in repairs

selected by brigade CSM to serve as the brigade _____

selected as the brigade Soldier of the Year over xx other candidates

Did Not Meet Standard

displayed a lack of sound judgment during off duty hours; resulted in an inappropriate personal relationship with a subordinate/Soldier’s arrest

failed to actively participate in several platoon AARs by refusing to acknowledge the need to improve performance after several training events

failed to understand the actions required to ensure proper accountability of assigned equipment after multiple training and counseling sessions

makes unnecessary hasty decisions without consideration of effects; frequently changes original decisions due to lack of foresight and application of proven methods

demonstrated no concern for security and accountability of sensitive items by abandoning and leaving them unsecured for several days

failed the promotion board due to an inability to interpret situational questions presented by the board panel

lacked critical thinking affecting unit’s shaping operations; contributed to organization’s inability to fully complete assigned tasks and missions

failed to meet required training requirements to attend Warrior Leader Course/Senior Leader Course/Advanced Leader Course

failed to follow orders which led to loss of security clearance; resulted in an undermanned section unable to meet its mission

unable to adapt to the dynamic scenarios during NTC Rotation xx-xx, consistently leading to the destruction of his vehicle during force-on-force engagements

demonstrated a lack of basic MOS technical ability resulting in failure to train subordinates

failed to identify proper safe area during demolition operations; resulted in $x K damage

demonstrated lapses in self-awareness; displayed inappropriate behavior and lack of tact on numerous occasions

lacked the expertise to execute his duties; his indifference in seeking out knowledge led to a lack of trust from subordinate leaders

section failed the evaluation due to an outdated and ineffective training program; failed to keep current on equipment software modifications

relieved as PSG for inability to follow commander’s intent/anticipate enemy movement; failure to reposition his platoon allowed enemy to flank and destroy the company

consistently failed to adapt to dynamic scenarios during NTC Rotation xx-xx; made poor tactical decisions during force-on-force engagements

continually struggles to take appropriate actions when faced with new ideas or in unfamiliar situations; unable to integrate enablers to support mission

failed to discern the intentions or motives of coalition/host nation allies while participating in negotiations during Operation _____

lacked interpersonal tact; displayed a combative attitude; degraded the camaraderie and esprit de corps of the organization through his actions

displayed poor leadership ability; failed to set the example for peers and subordinates through unlawful use of alcohol in a deployed environment

made poor personal choices which set the conditions for a catastrophic event affecting his personal life, duty performance, and unit readiness

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