NCOER bullets for Intellect

Met Standard

o selected as Instructor of the Cycle over 8 other instructors

o completed bachelor's degree with honors during this rating period

o wrote the SOP on radio training enabled cross-training of TV producers and 100% cross-marketing of TV news to radio product

o developed a worldwide database, enabling him to quickly contact 1SGs and commanders in the field by phone and e-mail

o total self-starter operating a highly successful section 355 miles from supervision and support base

o earned M60 MG Master which places him in the top 5% of the Divisions NCOs

o in the absence of his commander he alerted, assembled and deployed the company to support Operation Just Cause

o selected to represent the 7th Ranger Training Battalion in the Best Ranger Competition

o developed, wrote, and published mission SOP for use by Watch NCOs of echelon-above-corps intelligence unit

o highest score ever achieved in Drill Competition in his first 2 weeks as a Drill Sergeant

o created the unit NCO Battle Book which was adopted by the entire 557th U.A Artillery Group

o expertise resulted in his selection to train the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force during Desert Storm

o resolved over 50 suspicious incident investigations in only 5 months eliminating over 25 CI targets; 10 were ultimately detained by Corps for further intel exploitation

o master of automated systems; instrumental in keeping 100% of 30 classified systems up and running through two facility moves

o rewrote infantry NBC ANCOC POI that was certified by Sergeant Major Academy

o successfully relocated brigade's mailrooms from Nuremberg to Bamberg, without loss of any mail service or accountability of mail

o responsible for closing PSP 3J, shipping 45,000 tons in 1,200 containers and 1,365 trailers

o outstanding supply management supervision resulting in a drop in the average time to ship orders from 10 days down to 5.8 days

o coordinated an active community relief effort through MPS (Military Postal System) to support the homeless

o selected over 29 other NCOs to serve as the squadron aviation life support officer in addition to his regular duties

Did Not Meet Standard

o displayed a lack of sound judgment during off duty hours; resulted in an inappropriate personal relationship with a subordinate/Soldier’s arrest

o failed to actively participate in several platoon AARs by refusing to acknowledge the need to improve performance after several training events

o failed to understand the actions required to ensure proper accountability of assigned equipment after multiple training and counseling sessions

o makes unnecessary hasty decisions without consideration of effects; frequently changes original decisions due to lack of foresight and application of proven methods

o demonstrated no concern for security and accountability of sensitive items by abandoning and leaving them unsecured for several days

o failed the promotion board due to an inability to interpret situational questions presented by the board panel

o lacked critical thinking affecting unit’s shaping operations; contributed to organization’s inability to fully complete assigned tasks and missions

o failed to meet required training requirements to attend Warrior Leader Course/Senior Leader Course/Advanced Leader Course

o failed to follow orders which led to loss of security clearance; resulted in an undermanned section unable to meet its mission

o unable to adapt to the dynamic scenarios during NTC Rotation xx-xx, consistently leading to the destruction of his vehicle during force-on-force engagements

o demonstrated a lack of basic MOS technical ability resulting in failure to train subordinates

o failed to identify proper safe area during demolition operations; resulted in $x K damage

o demonstrated lapses in self-awareness; displayed inappropriate behavior and lack of tact on numerous occasions

o lacked the expertise to execute his duties; his indifference in seeking out knowledge led to a lack of trust from subordinate leaders

o section failed the evaluation due to an outdated and ineffective training program; failed to keep current on equipment software modifications

o relieved as PSG for inability to follow commander’s intent/anticipate enemy movement; failure to reposition his platoon allowed enemy to flank and destroy the company

o consistently failed to adapt to dynamic scenarios during NTC Rotation xx-xx; made poor tactical decisions during force-on-force engagements

o continually struggles to take appropriate actions when faced with new ideas or in unfamiliar situations; unable to integrate enablers to support mission

o failed to discern the intentions or motives of coalition/host nation allies while participating in negotiations during Operation _____

o lacked interpersonal tact; displayed a combative attitude; degraded the camaraderie and esprit de corps of the organization through his actions

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