NCOER bullets for Prescence

Met Standard

Professional Bearing- displayed the ability to adapt to changing situations; relied on intuition, experience, knowledge and input from subordinates; accomplished assigned missions

Confidence- demonstrated ability to meet established standards; achieved mission success, displayed confidence and focus under stress; improved unit capabilities

Military Bearing- presented impeccable military bearing regardless of the situation; exemplifies the meaning of pride and professionalism

Professional Bearing- projected self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm in every assigned mission; tactful in dealing with leaders and Soldiers

Professional Bearing- accepted many adverse situations and overcame them with the drive and determination, compelling others to do the same

Professional Bearing- sharp looking NCO, always set the example

Professional Bearing- extremely motivated and competitive NCO who instills a fighting, winning attitude in those around him

Professional Bearing- exemplified standards of dress and appearance

Fitness- developed the unit's physical training program resulting in the unit's average being raised by 38 points

Fitness- exceeded division standard by completing 20K road march in 3 hours

Fitness- maintained the mental and physical toughness to accomplish any mission, anywhere

Military Bearing- maintained appearance and military bearing in highest order

Military Bearing- excellent military bearing and appearance; worked hard to set the standard for all to follow throughout the American Family in KFOR

Professional Bearing- confident and mentally tough NCO

Professional Bearing- displays confidence and enthusiasm under stressful conditions

Fitness- unmatched physical stamina and endurance serving on back to back offensive and defensive missions during CMTC rotations

Confidence- exhibited superb confidence and infectious enthusiasm with every task/mission without regard to level of difficulty

Professional Bearing- displayed strength of character, doesn't buckle under pressure

Professional Bearing- went the distance to achieve the best

Military Bearing- demonstrated excellent stamina, endurance, and military bearing throughout rigorous training

Did Not Meet Standard

Military Bearing- failed to maintain grooming standards IAW AR 670-1 during five in-ranks inspections; counseled numerous times by the chain of command

Fitness- failed height and weight standards/exceeded body composition standard IAW AR 600-9 by 6.5%; entered into the Army Body Composition Program

Fitness- failed pushup/sit-up/2-mile run on last record APFT; achieved score of xxx; displayed a lack of motivation for continued service in the Army

Confidence- consistently hesitates to implement directed actions from superiors; fears confrontations with subordinates

Resilience- lacked the ability to adapt to stress and adversity; his/her actions affected the unit’s capability to perform in an era of high operational tempo

Resilience- compromised the unit’s mental and emotional fitness; allowed personal and professional standards to lapse in personal appearance, demeanor and actions

Military Bearing- failed to utilize chain of command while dealing with personal issues; Soldier was found financially irresponsible for dependents resulting in no pay due

Military Bearing- fails to display military bearing with subordinates; does not respond to coaching or counseling

Military Bearing- fails to maintain military bearing while in discussion with senior leaders; does not understand the importance of addressing seniors by rank

Professional Bearing- utilizes social media to publish dislikes about the unit and chain of command

Confidence- lacked confidence in the presence of Soldiers; could not instill the will to complete the mission

Military Bearing- displayed substandard appearance and military bearing for NCO of his maturity; portrayed a negative image for the Army

Confidence- cannot project confidence or maintain composure commensurate with rank when placed in difficult situations; lost the trust of the chain of command

Confidence- had difficulty accomplishing duties when faced with adversity; placed the mission in jeopardy

Professional Bearing- relieved of first sergeant duties and responsibilities for both failing to report a SHARP incident and actively attempting to cover the incident up to prevent an investigation

Military Bearing- failed to render the proper respect to company XO on x occasions

Professional Bearing- complained openly about time spent in the field and during OEF deployment; adversely affected morale and discipline of junior Soldiers

Military Bearing was relieved of his duties as squad leader; counseled by the 1SG on numerous occasions for failure to maintain his military bearing

Military Bearing- lacked confidence in the presence of Soldiers; failed to project military bearing which reduced Soldier morale and esprit de corps

Professional Bearing- operated poorly in high op-tempo environments and stressful situations; unable to complete critical missions on time

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