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Army Award Bullets by Type (COA, AAM, ARCOM, MSM)

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Army Award Bullets Workbook on a computer screen sitting on a desk

Award Bullets by Topic 400+ Bullets

Save yourself hours of work and headaches with this Award Bullets Tool. You never have to start from scratch again. See hundreds of approved award bullets separated by award type.

Visit these resources for free Army award bullets COA, AAM, ARCOM, and MSM:

See our 150+ Award Bullets Tool by award type in the Tools section of our website

MSM Bullets



ARCOM Bullets

AAM ACH Bullets

AAM PCS Bullets

COA Bullets

Generic Award Bullets

Generic Award Bullets

Generic Bullets

Award Thesaurus / Adjectives

Check here for free editable memo templates (Letter of lateness, COA, and No Award Due) Award Bullets by Type 400+ Bullets- Use this Award Bullet tool to give you a quick and easy jump start on the next awards you write. These award bullets have been pulled off of years of approved awards and all of the sites listed above in the resources to give you a great start. Did you get stuck writing your own award and don't have much experience? This is for you too! This tool includes not only examples, but a how-to guide on writing bullets, common mistakes, an award routing checklist, exception examples (letter of lateness, COA, and no award due), an award tracker, and other resources for reference all in one workbook! Leaders can use this to help them brainstorm for ideas when writing achievement or service awards. If you have junior NCOs that need help with writing awards, send them this workbook so they have examples, guidelines for submission, additional resources, and an example of how to write good bullets. Customers have access to free updates of this workbook. All you need to do is send us an email with your order number and we will send you the newest update. Building these products takes a considerable amount of time away from family as this is all done on personal time outside of already grueling military hours, that is why we sell the workbooks that we make instead of giving them away. We still want to help you as much as we possibly can which is why we offer free lifetime updates. Any time we receive new bullets or feedback from users, we will make updates to this workbook and publish it with a version update. If you email us new bullets to add to this workbook, we will send you a discount code for our store. If you have a large collection of awards with new bullets that you would like to send us, let us know. We would gladly compensate you for your help in making this a better tool for everyone! Thanks for your purchase, have a great day!

Here you will find DA form 638 example bullets and instructions. Within our award tool you will see instructions on how to write DA 638, how to fill DA 638, and DA 638 reason abbreviations such as achievement vs service. DA form 638 is used for requesting military awards for meritorious actions in and out of combat. DA 638 is a recommendation for a military award in the Army. This tool includes DA 638 bullet AAM examples, DA 638 achievement examples, DA 638 award bullets, DA form 638 examples, DA form 638 examples for AAM, and DA 638 bullets.

Take advantage of our exclusive promotion! For a limited time, if you provide us with new unique NCOER or awards bullets, we will refund or provide a credit for a single NCOER Bullet Tool or Awards Bullet Tool purchase. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to save. Thank you for your support and consideration.

To be eligible for the refund or coupon, you must provide one of the following:

Five (5) awards bullets listed by the award type that are not already in the award bullet tool workbook.

Ten (10) NCOER bullets listed by the evaluation type (SGT, SSG, SFC, etc.) that are not already in the NCOER bullet tool workbook.

If you have a large collection of bullets, you may be eligible to receive payment for each new bullet. Please contact us if you are interested.

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