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Part 3 SRB How to get promoted to SFC in the Army

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

You're tired of watching the Platoon Sergeant sit in the office watching YouTube and perusing Facebook while you slave away making sure that the vehicles are FMC and managing the priorities of the platoon put out in the morning meeting. What do they do anyway? You run all the reports for them.... all they do is go to meetings..... when they are there. You should be getting paid more than you are and you know you could make a difference and do it better. It's time to work towards promotion and here you will find out where to start and what you need to do to get promoted in the Army.

Here in part 3, we are going to discuss the SRB. You should know how to do an SRB scrub but here is a reminder.

1. GT score. If your score is under 110, future opportunities for specialty schools, programs, and other high-speed opportunities will be greatly limited.

2. Flag codes. If you are flagged, get it fixed and find a way out of the situation. Don't let it hold you back.

3. Military education. You should be squared away here with the schools and courses you want up to this point. Make sure that you have completed the appropriate level DLC or you won't do as well on the OML.

4. Basic Military Qualification (BMQ). Make sure you qualification is up to date. I know we get busy and sometimes it can slip by but you need to stay on top of this. Don't let it ruin your promotion.

5. Civilian education. If this is empty, you're not going to be very competitive. You can still get promoted but in order to be competitive, you will want a degree or to be in a well known group like Audie Murphy or SGT Morales.

7. Certifications. Do a records brief scrub and make sure if you have something here it should be. See below for a list of certifications that are accepted for your MOS.

Technical Certification Requirements
Download PDF • 212KB

8. Awards and Decorations. Make sure that your orders and 638s are in iPerms, that's what the board cares about not the certificate. You should be okay if you have one or the other though but it will likely affect your OML number.

9. Spouse birthplace /Citz. If you are married, is this filled out? If not get it updated, by talking to S1.

10. EFMP DT. If there is a date here, what is it? Is it past or coming up soon? Get your EFMP updated so it doesn't adversely affect your opportunities and where you can go.

11. Command (CMD) sponsored. If you are OCONUS, check to see if this number matches the number of spouse/dependents listed above. If not, it's time to get it fixed so your family has the appropriate medical coverage and benefits awarded to them during your time OCONUS.

12. HT/WT. Ensure that your height and weight are up to date and included here by working with your training room or S1.

13. ACFT/APFT. Ensure that your most recent test event is updated here. by working with your training room or S1.

14. Mailing Address. Make sure that your current mailing address is listed here.

15. Assignment information. Finally the section that most people go to immediately. Make it as clean as possible, have S1 delete any repeating lines, known loss, incoming, or anything else that just takes up space that is useless for the board to know. Updating this section becomes more and more important the further you go in the military. You need to make sure that the from date, duty title, and duty MOS match your NCOERs perfectly. I also commonly see missing information in the months (MO) and language (LANG) columns. All this can be fixed by working with S1. See below for a spreadsheet I fill out before I go to S1. I just tell them to make it look just like the spreadsheet.

ERB Assignments Update
Download XLSX • 12KB

This has greatly reduced errors in updating this section in the past. When they finish updating the record I always ask for a copy of the new ERB and I check it against what is on the sheet. If it doesn't match, we go back to updating. Additionally, the months don't auto-populate so someone has to do the math and input it manually, if you fill this spreadsheet out in advance, it will go much quicker and leave less room for error and complaints.

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