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Aug 08, 2022
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In April I failed height and weight for the first time in my career (12 years so far) following some health issues and the coronavirus issue that really undermined my fitness (living outside US under complete lockdown). Because I was never before even within 30 pounds of the limit, I never learned about how to get away with it. I was counseled about a month later that I was being flagged. This weekend was my first drill since the drill I failed weight. In the 2 months since my counseling, I got my weight under the requirement and passed (and will continue to lose weight to get back to my norm, I'm on a positive trajectory.) However, during that brief period; I had a change of rater OER written. I believe this OER will kill my opportunities in the Army Reserve. If I apply for something, they are going to read only that one and not bother to read my older OERs. I am being told that an OER must be written (however many times in the past no one ever bothered to write a change of rater OER for me and my raters changed and I only had annual OERs. But, now suddenly I'm told that it cannot be. I am also at my time for promotion, of course. The thing is, for 12 years I have seen overweight officers and NCO's who did not have their careers hurt and continued to get promoted. Of course I don't feel it is fair if I fail only one time and corrected the problem immediately. There must be some way around this, or we wouldn't see so many obese leaders. Thank you sincerely,
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