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Army Counseling FAQs for the Army Writer

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Army Counseling can be difficult, get your answers here

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What is Army Counseling, why is it important, and what is the purpose?

Army counseling means a form of mentorship that is used to guide each Soldier. DA Form 4856 is the official form for counseling junior enlisted members. Army counseling is important because it allows the leader to inform Soldiers of important information, areas of improvement, and areas to sustain. The form also provides promotion board members with performance and potential assessments.

What happens if you get a counseling statement in the Army?

Every Soldier is supposed to receive counseling regularly from their supervisor. Counseling forms can be used in several ways from acknowledging positive behavior, changing bad behavior, guiding the Soldier to make changes, or helping them meet goals.

If you are an Army counseling writer, this is your Army counseling website.

Counseling Forms and Regulation
Counseling Packet
How-To and Guides
Initial Counseling
Counseling Process
Refuse or Disagree with Counseling Statement
Types of Counseling Statements

This article has been made to offer Army Developmental Counseling help to anyone who needs it. If you found it helpful, please share it with others.


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