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How to get Army Continuation Pay

You're at the midpoint of your army career and it's time to get some free money from the blended retirement system. Here's how to apply for continuation pay (you still need to have 4 years remaining).

The regulatory guidance for this pay updates yearly so you will have to check for the most up to date guidance and rates. At this time (April 2021), there hasn't been a new release of continuation pay guidance for 2021. Check with your unit S1 for additional guidance. In order to apply for continuation pay, all I had to do is fill out the continuation pay request form and submit to my S1 for processing. You may have to have the career counselor verify service time remaining before they will process your request.

Download PD • 680KB

The military pay DOD site has 2020 continuation pay guidance posted which shows the additional obligation time, base pay multiplier, service timeframe for applying, and the reference memo from the branches with the official guidance.

Here's a great article on continuation pay for all branches from The Military Wallet.

What do you do once you get that pay? Begin your journey for financial literacy to get on the right track with being debt free and investor conscious.

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