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Get Paid for Your NCOER, Award, or Counseling

We have one of, if not the, biggest collection of NCOER and award bullets available. We offer those to you in a tidy package with workbooks that make your life easier. We are not satisfied with our current collection, and we want yours!

We are asking for NCOER bullets from the current system, award bullets from every type of award, and counseling template examples for common issues on the new counseling form dated March 2023 (PII/PHI excluded).

We compensate in the following listed manner for each item. Unique defined here is an example that is not currently in our collection. We do not consider examples that are different by only a block or a few words to be unique.

Unique Award bullet or citation

1-12 unique examples - discount code for store purchase or free enrollment into lifetime updates of our Award Bullets Tool.

36+ unique examples - $1 per bullet and discount code for store purchase.

Unique NCOER bullet, rater comment, or senior rater comment

1-36 unique examples - discount code for store purchase or free enrollment into lifetime updates of our NCOER Bullets Tool.

36+ unique examples - $1 per bullet and discount code for store purchase.

Unique Counseling Template $1(please sanitize all names, PII, and PHI before submission)

We are looking for counseling templates under the following topics:

1. Absence for Annual Training Army Counseling

2. Absence from Battle Assembly Army Counseling

3. Absence from Place of Duty Army Counseling

4. Alcohol Abuse (other than DUI) Army Counseling

5. Annual Dental - Failure to Schedule Army Counseling

6. Annual Dental - Need to Schedule Army Counseling

7. APFT Failure (Diagnostic) Army Counseling

8. APFT Failure (Record 1st Time) Army Counseling

9. APFT Failure (Record 2nd Time) Army Counseling

10. ASAP Failure Army Counseling

11. ASAP Failure - Self Referral Army Counseling

12. Bar to Continued Service Counseling (Initiation)

13. Bar to Continued Service Counseling (Review)

14. Body Composition Counseling (Completion)

15. Body Composition Counseling (Follow-up)

16. Body Composition Counseling (Unsatisfactory Progress)

17. Dereliction of Duty Counseling

18. Disobeying Lawful Order Counseling

19. Disrespect To Officer Or NCO Counseling

20. Driving Under Influence Counseling

21. Drug Abuse Counseling

22. EO Violation Counseling

23. Ethics or Conflict of Interest Counseling

24. Failure-to-Report Army Counseling

25. Failure-to-Use-Chain-of-Command Army Counseling

26. False Statement Counseling

27. Family Care Plan Counseling

28. Flag-Action-Lifted Army Counseling

29. Fraternization or Inappropriate Relationship Counseling

30. Government Credit Card Debt Counseling

31. Government Property Loss or Damage Counseling

32. Government Vehicle Misuse Army Counseling

33. Hazing and Bullying Counseling

34. Hazing Counseling

35. Improper-Inappropriate-Relationships

36. Indebtedness and Bad Check Counseling

37. Inefficiency Counseling

38. Information Security Violation Counseling

39. Investigation Counseling

40. Missing-Scheduled-Appointment Army Counseling

41. Negligent Discharge Counseling

42. No Contact Order Counseling

43. Nonsupport Of Dependents Counseling

44. Off-Duty-Employment Army Counseling

45. Other Misconduct Counseling

46. Overweight-Initial Army Counseling

47. Overweight-Monthly Army Counseling

48. Overweight-NCOES Army Counseling

49. Professional Growth Counseling

50. Promotion Non-selection Counseling

51. Promotion Screening Counseling

52. Reception and Integration Counseling

53. Record-APFT-Failure Army Counseling

54. Safety Violation Counseling

55. Safety Counseling

56. School Screening Counseling

57. Sexual Harassment Counseling

58. Soldier-Debt-Issues Army Counseling

59. Traffic Violation (Other Than DUI Or Safety) Counseling

60. Uniform & Personal Appearance Counseling

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