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How to transfer to Space Force from the Army / Can I transfer to Space Force

MILPER MESSAGE 21-079, INTER-SERVICE TRANSFERS TO THE UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE, ISSUED: [3/5/2021 7:39:19 AM]. This message provides procedural guidance to apply to the U.S. Space Force Inter-Service Transfer accessions panel. The panel will convene 3 May 2021. This panel is limited to only Regular Army Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Soldiers.

Yes, you can transfer to the Space Force and become a Guardian! Don't wait, visit the link above and give it a try!

Application. Deadline for application submission is 31 March 2021. Application documents must be submitted in .PDF format via a signed and encrypted email, following the order outlined below, to: The email subject will be: IST Application: Last Name, First Name – Officer or Enlisted - Current Service, Example: IST Application: Doe, John – Officer – Army. The Space Force IST Program Manager will contact applicants upon receipt and will return applications without action that do not meet the Space Force eligibility criteria for an interservice transfer. Applications will include: a. Transfer Request Letter, the template is located at: b. Soldier Record Brief. c. Evaluations. Copies of last two years of evaluations (or as many as applicable, if Soldier does not have two evaluations at time of application). d. IST Candidate Data Sheet, the template is located at: e. DD Form 368, Request for Conditional Release (signed by unit commander). Personnel applying for transfer will complete blocks 1 and 3 of the form, including digitally signing in block 3. These blocks are self-explanatory. Commanders will complete blocks 5 and 6 and will provide comments in the Remarks section (Section IV). When completing block 5, if recommending approval, leave the date in block 5.a. blank. Remarks are mandatory and can provide a recommendation for transfer, reasons an applicant should not be considered for transfer, or any other information for consideration; e.g., Individuals undergoing administrative action, under medical review, etc. The commander will digitally sign in block 6. NOTE: Approving or disapproving in block 5 is just a recommendation, not a final decision. The commander will return the completed form to the applicant.

Although legal provisions exist for other Services to transfer to the Space Force, the current focus is on transferring the over 6,000 Airmen from the Air Force to the Space Force by mid FY21. The Army and Navy space requirements are scheduled to transfer to Space Force in FY22/23. We understand there is excitement for Space Force across all Services right now. Space Force will release further details for a limited inter-service transfer for other Sister Services sometime in FY21.

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